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Large particle filtration
stainless steel wire mesh filter products are utilized in countless applications including, but not limited to:  separating, sieving, sorting, washing,air flow conditioning, clarification, classification,  conveying,  dewatering, excluding, extraction, filtration, screen printing.
Strainer Coffee and Leaf Tea

Stainless steel wire mesh filter strainer coffee and leaf tea.
Make by stainless steel,is non-toxic,durable and environmentally easy to clean.

Tea strainer can be used to filter tea strainer fine, very durable, Paowan tea, tea leaves can be removed from the tea strainer, can be recycled.
Metal Fence Panels
Stainless steel woven wire mesh/cloth for metal fence panels.The potential applications for stainless steel woven mesh are exceptionally varied both indoors and outdoors. Amongst other things, it is used as balustrade in-fill, horizontal or vertical fall protection, dividers, facade cladding, green wall systems or simply very flexible design elements.
Remove Debris or Rocks
Stainless steel woven wire mesh/cloth can remove any debris or rocks from the soil before adding it to your lawn or project.Made from strong, galvanized woven wire, this soil sifter is built to last. Rely on this long-lasting garden sieve to break up pesky lumps for years to come.

Through two decades of hard work, Kingdelong company had evolved into one of China’s largest  stainless weave wire mesh manufacturing companies,Covering an area of over 200,000㎡, certificated by ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.

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