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  • Jan
    Stainless Steel Twilled Weave Wire Mesh

    Stainless steel: Stainless steel is selected for their wear-resisting, heat-resisting, acid-resisting and corrosion resisting characteristics. Many different grades of stainless are used in wire cloth. T304 is the most common, but other are used in specific applications to take advantage of each gra

  • Jan
    Advantages Of Wire Mesh Filter Cylinder

    Wire mesh filter cylinders are a type of cylindrical filter.The wire mesh cartridge filters are made of wire mesh rolled into a cylinder. The multi-layer filter can be composed of several different types of mesh to improve the filtration efficiency.Jindelong wire mesh company has professional wire m

  • Jan
    Why Choose Welded Gabion Mesh?

    Electric welded gabion mesh is a metal wire mesh container welded with high-quality steel mesh, which can be filled with hard and durable stone on site to form a mass gravity retaining structure. Compared with braided wire gabion mesh, welded gabion mesh has higher strength. In order to meet differe

  • Dec
    Welded Gabion Mesh Application

    Welded gabion mesh-a metal wire basket or container (or gabion basket) filled with rocks, crushed concrete or other materials, used to build dams, retaining walls, landscapes, etc.Welded gabion meshes are widely used in retaining wall structures, falling rocks and soil protection. The welded gabion

  • Dec
    What is Welded Gabion Mesh?

    Welded gabion mesh, also known as welded gabion, is a mesh cage welded with thicker steel bars and then hot-dip galvanized on the surface, which is used to fill boulders or natural pebbles.The welded gabion mesh is easy to install, and it is more suitable as a landscape wall or retaining wall, with

  • Dec
    How To Clean Stainless Steel Plain Weave Mesh

    Stainless steel plain weave mesh can be used to filter liquid gas and pulp, with good permeability and high strength. Due to its many characteristics such as corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, it is deeply loved by people and is also widely used in filtration in various industries.

  • Dec
    Wire Mesh Filter Cylinder

    The wire mesh filter cylinder is a cylindrical metal filter wound with metal wire, and it is also a relatively common metal filter. The wire mesh filter has a large filtering area, and the seals are welded with superb welding technology, no leakage, and the filter element can be repeatedly washed and reused.

  • Dec
    Application of Stainless Steel Plain Weave Mesh

    Stainless steel plain weave mesh has a smooth and flat surface and good finish, comes with a certain aesthetic. At the same time, due of its material, stainless steel plain woven wire mesh has certain anti-corrosion and anti-rust functions. Because of its beauty and durability, it has been used in many industries

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Through two decades of hard work, Kingdelong company had evolved into one of China’s largest  stainless weave wire mesh manufacturing companies,Covering an area of over 200,000㎡, certificated by ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.

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