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Agricultural Applications

Accurate Perforating is the "start-to-finish" supplier of perforated metal components to the agricultural industry for each stage of the food production process — from dirt to dinner table. No matter what you produce to serve this sector, the high-quality perforated metal farm services we provide can be counted on to keep your equipment running and working smoothly. 

Perforated Metal Automotive Applications

Perforated metal is versatile, strong, lightweight and appealing. That's why it can handle numerous functions in the automotive industry — like a pit crew in place to ensure optimal vehicle performance. These automobile components work like unsung heroes in the automotive industry, fulfilling their duties: guarding, cooling, silencing and adding style.

Perforated Metal In-Fill Panel Applications

In-fill panels are used for exterior architectural applications such as interior or covered walkways, staircases, balconies and railing systems. While still allowing occupants to see outside.In-fill panels often must adhere to exact specifications for thickness and dimensions to meet code requirements, be precisely perforated to attach to the building or rail system, and also be finished in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and corrosion resistant. Both for design and structure, in-fill panels can transform a building.

Applications in Interior Design

When you want to make a statement, perforated metal is ideal for showcasing the quality and aesthetics you value.
  •  · Perforated metal is lightweight
  •  · Available in unlimited perforation options
  •  · Provides ventilation
  •  · Has great load-bearing strength
  •  · Can take on nearly any shape and form for your interior design needs
  •  · Is striking in appearance
  •  · Is exceedingly durable

Filtration Applications 

Regardless of your filtering requirement, our perforated metal supports filtration media under intense pressure. Accurate Perforating supplies filter housings, screens, perforated baskets or cartridges, perforated metal plates and more for many applications.
Exterior wall decoration

Building façades and cladding are perforated metal panels that typically fulfill any of the following functions:

  •  · Cover up something unsightly
  •  · Reduce glare from the sun
  •  · Abate wind or noise
  •  · Allow light in for those in the building
  •  · Provide privacy
  •  · Improve aesthetics
  •  · LEED credit
Noisy Control
When sound barriers are made solely from reflective materials, noise bounces off but isn't eliminated. Barriers incorporating absorptive materials mitigate sound waves and protect hearing and health. These barriers have a layer of absorbing material and air beneath the perforated metal panel.

Through two decades of hard work, Kingdelong company had evolved into one of China’s largest  stainless weave wire mesh manufacturing companies,Covering an area of over 200,000㎡, certificated by ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.

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