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hot dipped galvanized welded rock cage
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hot dipped galvanized welded rock cage

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hot dipped galvanized welded rock cage
Welded gabions are wire mesh containers welded with high quality steel mesh.They can be filled on site with hard durable stone materials to form mass gravity retaining structures. Owing to their inflexibility, welded gabion can not adapt to differential settlement or be used in water courses ,In comparison with woven wire gabions, welded gabion offer a higher strength. In order to meet different project requirements, various wire diameters and unit sizes are available for welded gabion. It is composed of welded mesh panel and spring steel lacing wire.
Welded gabions specification:
1. Material: Low carbon iron wire
2. Mesh Size: 50x50mm, 75x75mm, 100x50mm, 100x100mm
3. Box Size: 2x1x0.5m, 1x0.5x0.5m, 1x0.6x0.4m etc.
4. Diameter: 2.5-6.0mm
5. Pattern: welded
6. Packing: In pallets
7. Tensile Strength: 380-550 N/MM2
8. Certificate: ISO9001
 Hot Dipped Galv.Seamless Steel Pipeshot dipped galvanized welded rock cage

Nominal box size
No. of diaphragms
Capacity per box
1.0x1.0x0.5      Nil 0.50
1.0x1.0x1.0      Nil 1.00
1.5x1.0x0.5      Nil 0.75
1.5x1.0x1.0      Nil 1.50
2.0x1.0x0.5      1 1.00
2.0x1.0x1.0      1 2.00
3.0x1.0x0.5      2 1.50
3.0x1.0x1.0      2 3.00
4.0x1.0x0.5      3 2.00
4.0x1.0x1.0      3 4.00
Welded gabions Application 
1. Control and guide of water or flood
2. Preventing of rock breaking
3. Rock fall protection
4. Water and soil protection
5. Bridge protection
6. Strengthening structure of soil
7. Protection engineering of seaside area.
8. Port project
9. Keep off dust wall
10.Roadway protection.

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